Chart Industries, Inc. has completed the installation and commissioning of Europe’s largest LNG fuelling station for AlternOil GmbH.

The station, located on Germany’s main A1 highway near the city of Bakum, will be operated by AlternOil, following final approval by local authorities expected in December (2019).

“We continue to contribute to the development of the global LNG infrastructure ranging from liquefaction to marine to transportation,” said Jill Evanko, Chart’s CEO.

“AlternOil GmbH continues to offer maximum operator convenience through flexible, full-service truck centres that incorporate full integration of Chart equipment with other aspects of the station, including AlternOil’s cashless payment system.”

The station features Chart’s “Saturation on the Fly” technology which eliminates methane emissions to atmosphere and recognises both spark ignited and compression engines, allowing the station to fuel all LNG trucks.

AlternOil is planning further LNG filling stations in Germany, including in Fulda, Cologne, Hamburg, Bremen and Remscheid.


Source: Chart Industries