Chart Ferox has successfully installed and commissioned two LNG Gaspak stations in Estonia at the Maardu Terminal.

Each station consists of two 40m3 horizontal storage tanks and an evaporation unit, and will provide natural gas to the local community for a range of applications.

Chart has considerable expertise and experience in the LNG sector, having completed countless equipment orders and installations across the globe. The company most recently celebrated the European premiere of the first-ever tank wagon for transporting LNG with VTG Aktiengesellschaft, one of Europe’s leading wagon hire and rail logistics companies.

Under the banner LNG by Rail, the company showcased the vehicle to the public during the ‘Transport Logistic’ trade fair in Munich. The tank wagon makes it possible to supply Europe with environmentally friendly natural gas in future, using environmentally friendly rail transport regardless of the presence of pipelines.

VTG developed and built two prototypes for transporting LNG by rail. Chart Ferox built the cryogenic parts, vessels and cabinets.