After previously announcing the largest vacuum insulated storage tanks anywhere, Chart Ferox has excelled itself again with the news that it has pioneered an even larger tank.

It was not long ago that Chart Ferox announced the then largest vacuum insulated storage tank anywhere: the awesome HT683/8. With its gross capacity of nearly 700.000 litres, it sported a diameter of 5.6 metres, a length of nearly 37 metres and weighed in at more than 160 tonnes.

Since then, 17 of these giant tanks have been delivered to customers in Norway and Finland. They serve in LNG applications such as production plant storage, ship refueling and satellites for gaseous supply.

Recently however, Chart Ferox was ready to upstage itself, this time with an even larger tank. Two units of the brand-new HT1000 are currently nearing completion and will become part of a new LNG storage depot being built by Skangass AS for Nordic LNG near Fredrikstad, Norway.

The tanks boast a diameter of nearly 6 metres, a length of 48 metres, 8 bar working pressure and a weight of 212 tonnes. Chart Ferox notes that to its knowledge, ‘they are the largest shop built vacuum insulated tanks in the world!’