Chart Ferox’s new record-breaking storage tanks have been in hot demand across Norway and Finland.
The HT683/8 tanks boast gross capacity of almost 700,000 litres and equally astonishing dimensions; indeed the tanks almost reach 37 metres in length, with diameters of 5.6 metres and an imposing weight of 160 tons.
According to Chart Ferox, big is definitely ‘in’. Since being launched the firm has delivered 17 of these units to customers in both Norway and Finland. Demand is fuelled by application which in this instance is LNG based. The tanks are serving needs in production plant storage, ship refueling and satellites for gaseous supply.
Even larger aspirations
Chart Ferox is maintaining its innovative standards, as it finalises manufacture on the next generation HT tanks. Currently, two new HT1000 units are nearing completion.
These offer even larger storage options and will be used at a new LNG storage depot which is under construction for Skangas AS near Fredrikstad in Norway. The tanks offer a diameter of approximately 6 metres, length of 48 metres, 8 bar g working pressure and a weight of 212 tons. It is perhaps unsurprising then that the company has advised gasworld that, “These monsters are the largest shop-built vacuum insulated tanks in the world!”