Chart Ferox’s latest innovation in cryogenic storage solutions is now available in Europe.

The Perma-Cyl® 3000 extends the capacity of the popular Perma-Cyl range to 3000 litres and provides all the associated benefits of a stationary liquid cylinder to higher capacity users.

Engineered for LOX, LIN, LAR, CO2, and N2O, Perma-Cyl® 3000 offers additional reliability, efficiency and is more economical than a comparable transportable cylinder.

The kIt requires no specific site civil engineering and can be positioned (and re-positioned if required) using a standard forklift truck. Ergonomic design of the control panel and valves affords operational and maintenance staff a high degree of access and comfort.

Perma-Cyl® 3000 is available as a stand-alone, or as part of a MicroBulk storage system with compatible Chart products. Fastest filling is achieved through our Orca trailer, which also includes an automatic safety cut-off when the Perma-Cyl® 3000 is full. External vaporisers from Chart Thermax extend the working pressure to 37-bar.

The device offers high thermal efficiency – Perma-Cyl® 3000 is engineered to retain its contents for longer and limit product losses, even during extended periods of little use and is suitable for use in various application including food packaging and freezing.