As the COP 21 event began in Paris, France, a Chart Ferox supplied LNG/LCNG fuelling station in Warsaw, Poland appropriately celebrated a milestone with its 2,000th bus fill.

In three months of operation, the station has dispensed around 300 tonnes of LNG, which is burned instead of diesel, saving approximately 260 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted to the atmosphere.

The station was designed and delivered to Gazprom Germania and combines 120m3 of LNG storage capacity with three LNG, and two CNG, dispensers.

Chart Ferox has considerable expertise and experience in the LNG sector, having completed countless equipment orders and installations across the globe.

The company recently continued its collaboration in this field with Shell, with the opening of its latest station in Amsterdam. The station, providing 70m3 of LNG storage capacity and equipped with the latest in LNG dispenser design, pump and offload skids, and control and safety systems, was announced as operational in October (2015) and joined Rotterdam and Waalwijk as locations of LNG filling stations in the Netherlands.