Three Chart vacuum tanks have become famous after appearing on the BBC.

The tanks, HTC43/25 horizontal cryogenic perlite insulated vacuum models, featured in a BBC Midlands Today news update about a science experiment conducted by the Birmingham Institute for Forest Research (BIFoR).

The Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiment was launched to study the effects of raised CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The research, costing an estimated £15m, will span a decade to investigate how trees and the wider environment will react to the Earth’s expected climate 50 years from now.

The Chart Ferox tanks will each pump out 15 tonnes of CO2 for the trial but they can actually store around 120 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) – the estimated amount needed to be expended each day by the year 2070.

This scientific experiment, conducted in Staffordshire, is one of the only two in operation worldwide.