Chart Industries will supply liquid hydrogen trailers to the Republic of Korea as part of a new joint venture with Hylium Industries.

Having inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today (2nd Dec), the duo has said trailers will now be designed and produced for sale in the Republic of Korea through Hylium.

Jill Evanko, President and CEO of Chart, said, “We are pleased to partner with Hylium, a well-respected leader in hydrogen in Korea.” 

“Our companies’ shared mission of bringing clean energy solutions to the world will be furthered by applying Chart’s decades of experience of designing and building hydrogen trailers with Hylium’s Korean presence and experience in the region’s operations, certifications and commercial opportunities.”

Included in the execution of the MoU, Hylium has already placed a purchase order for three liquid hydrogen trailers from Chart.

Seo Young Kim, CEO of Hylium Industries, added, “It is my great pleasure to partner with Chart Industries, Inc., one of the global leaders in hydrogen technologies.

“We believe this partnership will not only contribute to Korea’s hydrogen economy, but also help foster stronger ties between the two countries for carbon free clean environment. We are excited to see what this partnership will bring.”