Chart Industries distribution and storage group announced it will adjust its base prices for bulk cryogenic storage equipment. The average increase is two per cent, effective from 1 October 2005.

Tom Carey, president of Chart’s distribution and storage group, said: “Despite published reports about the softening of market pricing for commodity steel products, the reality for Chart is that base pricing for the custom alloys and sizes required for cryogenic bulk tanks remains at extremely high levels.

“Concurrently, energy related and transportation costs for our raw materials and production facilities continue to increase.

“The primary driver of the surcharge component of our pricing is the cost of raw nickel, which continues to operate at historic high levels in general. As a result, our surcharges will remain as previously published.

“Prices for cryogenic liquid cylinders, MicroBulk products and beverage CO2 equipment will remain at February 2005 levels in the interest of maximising the rate of mode change to cryogenic supply solutions.”