Chart Bulk CO2 Beverage systems is overhauling new fill and vent lines for its range, as well as introducing a newly designed fill box.

Chart’s Parker 540 P style fill line and Series N style nylon vent line have been replaced by Accuflex 3768 series liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) fill line and Accuflex 1416C series CO2 vent line. The Accuflex lines have been specifically been selected because of their compatibility with beverage grade CO2 and their product performance at exposures down to -43°C.

The 3768 fill line works under a 2000 pounds per square inch (psi) pressure, with a 1200 psi burst pressure, whilst the 1416C vent line has the same burst pressure but a 300 psi max working pressure. 

The stainless steel fill box is an essential component of a stationary bulk CO2 fill and vent circuit, as it includes the liquid CO2 fill connection and vent termination fitting, which safely vents excess CO2 outdoors. In line with this, the fill box has changed to accommodate bulkhead style compression fittings so the Accuflex vent hose can be securely connected.

The bulkhead fitting allows the vent line to pass through the fill box back wall and connect to the elbow discharge fitting inside, thus allowing the termination end of the vent line to be easily visible and accessible for inspections. The double compression connections on the bulkhead fitting adequately provide positive verification that the vent line is securely fastened to the vent line discharge.

In addition, the depth dimension has increased to three inches to accommodate the new bulkhead compression fittings and can accustom all fill lines that have 45° flare fittings.


Chart Industries, based in Ohio in the US, mainly manufactures cryogenic equipment used in the production, storage and distribution of industrial gases and liquefied natural gas (LNG).