Chart Ferox has designed and installed a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) Compact Satellite Station at LNG distribution company, PrimaLNG’s site in Valtellina, Italy.

The Chart Ferox branch of US company, Chart Industries, engineered, manufactured and completed the site commissioning of the new compact station, with the ‘plug and play’ installation taking just two days to finalise.

The video below shows the manufacturing process of the LNG Compact Satellite Station and highlights its main advantages.

The new system will be owned and operated by PrimaLNG’s subsidiary, Liquigas Italy, and will provide natural gas as a clean burning fuel for a local jam manufacturer.

PrimaLNG is a business unit of SHV Energy which is responsible for providing projects with all necessary equipment and LNG. PrimaLNG sources LNG from terminals across Europe using its own fleet of LNG trailers and commissions across the world with equipment supplied by approved cryogenic contractors.