Chart Lifecycle has launched Asset Integrity Management (AIM), a pro-active aftermarket programme focused on optimised performance, reliability and longevity of brazed aluminium heat exchangers (BAHX), cold boxes and Core-in-Kettle® (CIK) units.

Although AIM can be applied to any application where the equipment is used, it is specifically targeted at end users in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors, where BAHX, cold box and CIK performance is especially fundamental to the plant’s operation and integrity.

AIM combines multiple activities within three main pillars; data monitoring, future activity planning and knowledge enhancement.

“The programme starts with a site visit by Chart Lifecycle who will work with the local team to evaluate the current health of BAHX, cold box and CIK fleets. Customised analysis software is utilised to interpret data from the plant’s Distributed Control System (DCS) and identify any operating patterns outside manufacturer’s guidelines that are potentially detrimental to the equipment’s service life,” the company explained in a press release.

This analysis continues throughout AIM and can provide corrective action recommendations to be taken before non-ideal operating practices impact on reliability and integrity. AIM also enables clients to plan for future events, such as shutdowns and debottlenecking, and places significant emphasis on promoting best practice through operator education and training.

“The AIM programme is another important step in our relationship with plant stakeholders and helping them to maximise the reliability and integrity of their assets through pro-active preventative maintenance. Chart’s experience and expertise is second to none and we are always looking to share it with the people who operate our equipment”, said Horacio Delgado, Chart Lifecycle’s President.