Chart Ferox has been contracted to supply cryogenic processing equipment for a major liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in India.

Under the agreement, Chart will supply a series of heat exchangers comprising of 30 forced draft ambient air vaporizers (FDVs) and six large shell and tube units.

The equipment, which was engineered by Chart Industries subsidiary Thermax, Inc., was manufactured in-house at Ferox in Czech Republic. Local partner Ondstroj built the shell and tube exchangers.

Each shell and tube vaporizer weighs almost 50 tonnes, measures 15 metres in length and contains more than 13 miles of stainless steel tube that incorporates Thermax proprietary Vortex Flow Generators® for enhanced thermal and hydraulic.

Thermax President Bob Bernert enthused, “We elected to build the units in Europe for a number of key project reasons, including lead time, shop capacity and site logistics, with this project perfectly highlighting Thermax’s ability to leverage the Chart network and successfully execute highly prestigious world-scale projects.”

Chart’s equipment will form part of a regasification solution in Chennai, India, at an LNG import terminal owned and operated by IOCL. The terminal is expected to start operations during the first half of 2018 and will produce roughly five million metric tonnes per annum of LNG.