Chart is providing the system engineering, manufacturing, and start-up of the LNG storage and vaporisation system for the gas fuelled power plant at Stornoway Diamond Corporation’s Renard mine in the Otish Mountains of Quebec.

The Renard LNG power plant will comprise seven 2.1MW rated gas gen-sets, providing sufficient power generation capacity for the project’s normal operating specification of 9.5MW.

According to a study performed on their behalf, Stornoway estimates that, by utilising LNG to run the power plant, instead of diesel, they will realise operating cost reductions of between $8m and $10m per year over the initial 11 year mine life, representing a life of mine operating cost saving of $89m, or 6.6%.

In addition, the study estimates a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 43%, with additional significant reductions in NO2 and SO2.