Industrial gas and energy sector solutions provider Chart Industries, Inc. (Chart) announced yesterday (March 29th) that it has received an order valued at $45m for equipment to be utilised in the development of Venture Global’s Plaquemines Phase 2 liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal project.

Comprising of six brazed aluminium heat exchanger assemblies (BAHX) and cold boxes, the order was booked by Chart from industrial service company Baker Hughes and marks the first instalment of the anticipated 18 BAHX assemblies and cold boxes. 

Heat exchangers are used for gas drying, preheating natural gas, gas sweetening or liquefaction of natural gas within natural gas processing plants. 

In addition to insulating cryogenic equipment from weather-related damage, cold boxes help protect the sensitive components that make up a processing plant, such as the heat exchanges, core-in-drums, distillation columns, piping, valves and instrumentation. 

The Plaquemines LNG project is an initiative by Venture Global Plaquemines LNG, LLC to develop an LNG export terminal in Louisiana, USA with an export capacity of up to 20m metric tonnes per year.