Chart’s latest compact LNG regasification station is fully operational on-site in Mexico – a first for the country.

Located around 45 minutes away from Queretaro, the site lacked connection to the pipeline grid hence the LNG satellite station is a perfect solution enabling a local business to use green and economical natural gas for power, instead of more expensive and polluting LPG, in their greenhouse operations.

The regasification station mimics the familiar fuelling model of diesel, propane and other LPGs whereby an external provider delivers the liquid fuel via truck for storage on site in a horizontal tank. Chart’s complete system then vaporizes the LNG to supply the end-user with natural gas at the point of use, exactly as if they were connected to the pipeline grid.

The station was supplied as a skid mounted, fully factory assembled and tested package. This meant minimal ground preparation, civil work, single truck transport, crane lift, installation and commissioning was completed within two days. Full automation with Bluetooth monitoring and controls complete the picture for the seamless transition to natural gas.


The Chart regasification station