Chart Industries is seeing a huge increase in demand for leasing rather than buying equipment in many different industries and applications.

“Most customers are interested in leasing cryogenic trailers and Orca™ MicroBulk Delivery Systems, both short and long-term. However, many customers have also shown interest in leasing ISO containers, bulk tanks, Perma-Cyl® MicroBulk Storage Systems, liquid nitrogen dosers and other Chart cryogenic products,” Lisa Dole, Chart’s Global Leasing Manager, told gasworld ahead of our Bulk Distribution and Asset Management magazine in November. Chart will feature in an article which looks at the option to buy or lease cryogenic tankers, and which suits which budget and requirement best.

“Our most popular leased item is a portable trailer. These trailers have a bulk tank and a vaporizer mounted on a step deck trailer. These are non-DOT systems that are moved empty to a customer location. They are then filled onsite and used to keep a facility running. These units greatly simplify set-up on site because they do not need to be mounted on a pad. The portable trailer is just parked in place and can be used right away. It is a huge cost and time savings for the customer.”

Chart offers customers the option to purchase equipment or to lease it through the company’s Cryo-Lease division. In 2020 alone, Chart said it has added more than 40 new assets to the Cryo-Lease inventory and is staging these assets at its locations across the US to be readily accessible to its clients.


Source: Chart Industries

Skaff Cryogenics, Inc. is a Chart Industries company.

“Cryo-Lease offers short and long-term leases and sales leases (lease to own). We have been leasing cryogenic trailers and equipment for over 20 years, but the sales lease is a new offering as of this year,” Dole highlighted.

“For short and long-term leases, the equipment can be leased for as little as one month up to 10 years. Short-term contracts are written to become a month-to-month agreement after the initial term. In this way, customers have the option to sign a lease for just a month or two and either return the equipment or keep it for as long as they need. If business requirements, needs or conditions change direction, the customer can simply return the equipment.”

Cryo-Lease sets up the equipment to the customer required service and conducts multiple inspections of the equipment before shipping.

“With the leasing expansion, Cryo-Lease is also now staging lease trailers and other equipment at our four repair shops in Brentwood, NH, Houston, TX, McCarran, NV and New Prague, MN to help lower the freight costs for our clients,” Dole said.

“Chart has also recently broken ground on a new repair facility in Richburg, SC, that will also stage Cryo-Lease assets when it is opened next year. For added flexibility, a client can return leased equipment to the closest Chart repair facility regardless of the originally staged location.”

“Cryo-Lease offers competitive pricing on all lease equipment and we are in process of expanding our lease inventory to meet customer demand, to include hydrogen transport trailers, Orca delivery trailers for liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon, carbon dioxide and LNG transport trailers.”

Find out more about Chart’s Cryo-Lease division in gasworld Global’s November issue.