Chart Energy & Chemicals, Inc. (Chart E&C), a Chart Industries corporation, has procured a patent for its IPSMR® cryogenic liquefaction process technology.

Awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the IPSMR technology uses a mixture of nitrogen (N2) and light hydrocarbons to provide refrigeration.

Chart e&c liquefaction technology patent copy


According to the company, the IPSMR process enables enhanced efficiency, economy and performance by 6-10% compared to other industry-recognised single mixed refrigerant processes.

The technology was originally intended for use in making liquefied natural gas (LNG), but the company is also actively developing IPSMR to improve the efficiency of other liquefaction processes such as ethylene and energy storage projects.

Andrew Moriarty, President of Chart E&C, highlighted, “The IPSMR process technology and our modular plant solutions are at the centre of many of the proposed investments, at various stages of regulatory approval, that will enable the export of North American shale gas through liquefaction.”

The patented technology was developed by Chart E&C’s in-house engineering team.