The R463A (trade name: OPTEON XP41) is made for fridges and freezers and will replace the existing R404A and R410A refrigerants.

The refrigerants’ global warming potential (GWP) stands at 1,494, saving 28% compared to the previous R410A. The freezing capability and efficiency are equivalent to those of the R410A, leading to improvements of coefficient of performance (COP).

ASHREA, a global society advancing human wellbeing through sustainable technology for the built environment, classifies the refrigerants’ safety as Class A-1 (non-flammable).

ASHREA stated that Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba Carrier have already decided to adopt R463A for some of their product line-up.

Seven-Eleven Sagamihara, which opened in July, started to employ R463A experimentally for the refrigeration of showcases.

The second refrigerant, the R454C (trade name: OPTEON XL20) is used for industrial heat pumps and will replace the current R22, R407C and R404A refrigerants.

The refrigerant’ GWP of 148 has attained a reduction rate of 91% to 96% of the three refrigerants.

The refrigeration capacity is similar to that of larger than the existing refrigerants, and the pressure specification is very similar to R407C. ASHEAE classified the refrigerant’ safety as A-2L (slightly flammable).

It is deemed to be a 2-type mixed refrigerant with the addition of HFC32 and HFO1234yf.

Chemours-Mitsui is said to be developing and reconditioning the mixing/filling facilities of the Shimizu Plant in time for launching the two products into the market.

Both of the refrigerants will be made up as products filled in returnable cylinders (20kg each) in the Shimizu Plant after mixing and filling crude gases imported from abroad in ISO containers or similar. For the sample shipments of the R463A Chemours-Mitsui has been importing non-refillable containers (to fill 11.35kg each) and returnable cylinders (to fill 9kg each). This will now be changed into the supply of the containers manufactured domestically in Shimizu Plant.

Chemours-Mitsui says, “Both products realised a low GWP to comply with the product designation system under the act on proper management of fluorocarbons. Furthermore, we have organised a system to make consistent high quality and stable supply of the products by developing locally and mixing/filling facilities ahead of others/we are sure to contribute to the market.

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