French refrigerated trailer specialist Chereau will present its new low energy refrigerated semi-trailer at the Solutrans exhibition in Lyon, France.

The exhibition follows a presentation given by the company to press during the European week of sustainable development, during which Chereau demonstrated how it will provide new energy solutions as an alternative to fossil flues.

Using the slogan, ‘Always doing better together’, the company’s Solutrans presentation will focus on better consumption, better preservation, better protection and better use.

Chereau’s new energy refrigerated semi-trailer will be powered using three different means: on the mains with a 380-volt socket or a battery pack capable of being charged through an energy recovery axle or via the solar panel covered roof.

Up to 25% of the energy in the refrigeration unit could be saved using the VIPs (Vacuum Insulated Panels).

The new semi-trailer will be presented by Chereau at the Solutrans exhibition from November 16th to 20th 2021.