In a joint effort to advance industrial decarbonisation and meet climate goals, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) opportunities are to be explored by American oil and gas companies Chevron and Enterprise Products Partners L.P (Enterprise).

Following the announcement of a framework to study the potential for CCUS, Chevron, through its New Energies division, and a subsidiary of Enterprise will begin the initial six-month phase from their respective headquarters in the US Midcontinent and Gulf Coast.

Commenting on the need for companies to lower their carbon footprints, Jeff Gustavson, President, Chevron New Energies, said, “International climate change scientists working with the United Nations have identified carbon capture as a critical technology needed to help the global energy system transition to a lower carbon future.”

Having collaborated on past projects, Enterprise will work on CCUS by combining its midstream pipeline and storage network with Chevron’s experience in sub-surface operations to harness the potential of sequestration.

Enterprise intends to develop and utilise new technologies with the help of Chevron to manage its own carbon footprint, according to A.J Teague, Co-chief Executive Officer, Enterprise’s general partner.