Air Products has rolled out its Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) Ambassador Program in China, with the first LIN application demonstration class successfully held in December at the Dongchang Middle School in Shanghai.

This is where the company’s China headquarters is located with its world-class engineering, research and development, cryogenic equipment manufacturing, and strategic sourcing capabilities.

In a safe environment, Air Products’ LIN ambassadors demonstrated and explained to the students and teachers how LIN could be applied in daily life through six experiments: changing the properties of a racquet ball for cryogenic grinding and flowers for grinding spices; deflating balloons; freezing bananas into ‘banana hammers’ for food preservation; shrink-fitting for assembling machine elements; enhancing magnets for superconductivity and magnetic levitation applications; and making delicious ice-cream.

“Air Products is committed to supporting the communities and the LIN Ambassador Program has been one of our company’s many community outreach activities,” said Feng Yan, China vice president, government relations at Air Products. “We are glad and feel honoured to introduce this interactive educational initiative to China through which children have an opportunity to see first-hand how gas science and applications can make people’s lives better. Air Products will continue to leverage our resources and expertise and engage our employees to inspire the next generations to build a more productive, energy efficient and sustainable world.”

Started in the 1970’s in the US, Air Products LIN Ambassador Program is a way to bring an understanding of gas products to the community. The company offers free-of-charge classes to local schools, community groups and non-profit organisations to demonstrate the magic of science and engineering. Demonstrations are done by Air Products employees who volunteer their time to share knowledge and talent with those in the community. Today, trained Air Products volunteers conduct over 200 sessions globally each year.

A responsible corporate citizen with a long-standing commitment to sustainability, Air Products also took part in a variety of other meaningful social responsibility initiatives and activities in China, including the sponsorship of the country’s National University Chemistry Video Contest to advocate green gas technologies for a better future; participation in the REACH (Resiliency Education: Advocacy Collaboration & Hope) program to develop teenagers’ strengths in middle schools in Shanghai through non-traditional subjects such as character, self-confidence, teamwork and emotional resilience; scholarship programs in nearly ten leading universities to cultivate talents; and driving the development of innovative solutions to support the sustainable growth of the industrial gas market.