Investment in the construction of semiconductor and LCD fabs targeted at the Chinese market is said to be overheating.

More and more LCD fabs have been planned for China as a result of a programme being promoted by the Chinese government, which aims to increase the use of home electrical appliances in local areas.

A system of subsidies began in February 2009, for the spreading in use of electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, colour TVs, washing machines, among farming families nationwide.

As a result of this, during January to June 2009, out of total sales amounting to RMB 16.229bn (about ¥227bn), 1.85 million colour TVs were sold, accounting for 13% of the total monetary figure.

For plasma CVD production facilities there were instances of used items from Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, but it is anticipated that this will lead to an increase in the demand for equipment and systems related to piping for gas supply.