Honeywell UOP (UOP) has announced that Zhejiang Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Will use four of its PolybedTM pressure swing adsorption (PSA) units to supply high-purity hydrogen (H2) for its new integrated refining and petrochemical complex in Zhoushan, Zhejian Province.

The complex will use Honeywell ExperionTM distributed control systems from Honeywell Process Solutions, and the PSA units will be controlled by Honeywell C300 controllers integrated with the Experion system.

When completed, the new plant will be the largest crude-to-chemicals complex in China and one of the largest in the world, manufacturing petrochemicals to make plastic resins, films and fibers, as well as fuels.

John Gugel, Vice-President and general manager, Gas Processing and Hydrogen at Honeywell UOP, said, “Our customers in China are selecting UOP’s PSA technology as an extremely competitive and reliable source of high purity H2.”

“This is critical because H2 is essential to the operation of any refinery or petrochemical plant, and the quality of that H2 helps determine the efficiency of the entire complex,” Gugel added.

Polybed PSA systems are skid-mounted, modular units complete with hardware, adsorbents, control systems and embedded process technology, enabling quick and efficient installation to reduce cost and downtime.

The PSA process uses proprietary UOP adsorbents to remove impurities at high pressure from H2-containing process streams, allowing H2 to be recovered and upgraded to more than 99.9% purity to meet refining needs. In addition to recovering and purifying H2 from steam reformers and refinery off-gases, the Polybed PSA system can be used to produce H2 from other sources such as ethylene off-gas, methanol off-gas and partial-oxidation synthesis gas.