Chinese company Shenyang Aerospace Xinguang Cryogenic Vessel Manufacture, involved in the production and distribution of nitrogen tanks, is to promote its products at an event in the South Pacific as it attempts to tap into the region’s competitive market.

Shenyang manufactures its versatile nitrogen tanks, used by the dairy and livestock industries among others, and sells these throughout Asia, Europe, North America and now, Australia and New Zealand.

The company will market its products for the first time at the International Dairy Week in the Southern Hemisphere and believes the event could represent a major promotional opportunity. The company’s Mr Quan commented, “This is a very big professional exhibition, especially for my products. This is the best choice to promote my products in the dairy industry.”

Speaking of the advantages offered by the company’s products, Quan noted that his products added some competition to the market for nitrogen tanks in Australia and said, “My product is the same quality but at a much lower price.”

As well as usage in the agriculture, dairy and livestock industries, the versatile cryogenic tanks are also applied in the veterinary sector and biological industries, including for the storage of vaccinations for veterinarians. The Chinese company indicated its products had been well received during marketing in Australia and hoped to penetrate the market in neighbouring New Zealand too.