More than 600 delegates from different sectors of the China industrial gas industry and from different regions of China gathered in Nanjing of Jiangsu province on 28th October to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the China Industrial Gas Industry Association (CIGIA).

The celebration was held in the great hall of the International Conference Hotel Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties.

Du Jun, Chairman of CIGIA, officially opened the ceremony and expressed his sincere thanks for the support and guidance from the country, government departments, regional governments, and the support from of the members of the board and all the general members. The association had successfully grown from a small organisation to a much larger one over the course of its 30 years, with lots of achievements through continuous development, expansion, and generally going from strength-to-strength.

Jun also called on all members to continue to develop and work hard on the journey to making China an affluent society.

Besides a plenary session when the association reported the work completed in 2017 and the plan for the coming year, as well as a few reports from different institutions and companies, the association also gave out prizes to individuals, organisations and companies for their contribution to the Chinese industrial gases industry and their respective achievements over the years.

As for the plan for 2018, the association has prepared a long list of tasks, including participation in the management of precursor chemicals of drugs (including hydrogen and nitrous oxide), promotion of online training of the safe use of gas and the safe transportation of gas cylinders, the encouragement of enterprises of the gas industry to publish ‘corporate social responsibility report’, and the enhancement of qualification of vocational skills and training of staff before reporting for work.

After the first day’s plenary session, two days of group meetings ensued whereby members of the different branches of the association gave reports on numerous areas, including LNG, medical gases, gas analysis, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, gas refilling stations, special equipment, specialty gases, gases for the food industry, safety management of the welding gas industry, and standards.

The evening of the second day saw members enjoy a boat ride along part of the Qinhuai River, a tributary river of Yangtze River.

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