CIMC Enric has recently announced the signing of an equity transfer agreement in Chengdu with Sichuan Jinke Cryogenic Engineering Co. Ltd (Jinke Cryogenic).

The deal follows the successful acquisition of Nanjing Yangtze Petrochemical Design Engineering Co. Ltd in 2011 and with this deal, more resources will be added to the company’s domestic engineering business.

Jinke Cryogenic is based in Chengdu, Sichuan province in China. The company is committed to the development of a range of cryogenic equipment including the separation, liquefaction and purification of industrial gases.

CIMC Enric stated that the addition of Jinke Cryogenic will enhance its own capabilities in the front-end LNG liquefaction field, and will contribute to the realisation of the coverage of the entire LNG value chain.

LNG opportunity

CIMC Enric has recently made another step forward in the LNG market, with its contribution to an LNG first in China.

A spherical disc end constructed by CIMC Jingmen Hongtu Special Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd (CIMC Hongtu), a subsidiary of CIMC Enric, has been inspected and passed by the China Classification Society. The disc end is made for the second storage tank of the largest China inland waterway LNG carrier, with a capacity of 14000 m3.

The carrier is the first ever LNG carrier manufactured locally for the inland waterway transportation of LNG and will be delivered in first half 2015.

CIMC Hongtu will capitalise on this opportunity to showcase the development trend of LNG equipment manufacturing. The company will continue to explore the manufacture of high end clean energy equipment and engineering services, and provide one-stop service for the lifetime of the equipment.