CIMC Enric, Chinese developer of technical services for a wide range of transportation, storage and processing equipment used in the energy, chemical and liquid food industries, has officially introduced its new innovative, one-stop service package to the market.

The Anjiehui is an intelligent IoT platform designed specially for the industrial gas and energy industry to facilitate functions ranging from unmanned duty shifts, security control, remote diagnostics, breakdown warning, preventive repair to post-market all-around service. 

When used in conjunction with smart devices such as intelligent pressure gauges, smart level gauges, and fuel detectors, the I-Box – a device which collects the data from the storage and transportation equipment to the central monitor via the GSM base station – can send useful data to the Anjiehui system. This system can then be used to provide comprehensive services such as real time remote monitoring, remote diagnosis, operation alarms, operation scheduling and management, vehicle-tank stations operation service and management. 

The innovative system is also able to provide early warnings based on a monitoring threshold, user demand forecasts and overdue reminders for equipment maintenance. 

The rapid development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and IoT, has presented the group’s energy equipment and engineering segment with opportunities in connection with the transformation and upgrade to digitalised manufacturing. This will in tern, help its customers to minimise hazard potential, reduce operation cost and enhance operation efficiency.