Staff two subsidiaries of CIMC Enric In Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, eastern China have donated around RMB 220,000 ($34,000) to support six new university student, with financial difficulties.

The subsidiary companies in question are Nantong CIMC Tank Equipment and Nantong CIMC Energy Equipment, with staff across 23 departments donating to the cause together with the labour union of the companies.

The six students are either the children of the company staff or students from the public society, all from the six counties of Nantong. Each will receive sponsorship of RMB 4,000 ($620) for their tuition fees and RMB 3,000 ($470) for livelihood –and will also receive sponsorship during their four years in university.

This is part of the campaign ‘CIMC BLUE - Dreams Come True Sponsoring Programme’ that the group established earlier in July. Internship and job opportunities may also be provided to help fulfil their dreams.