News comes from China’s leading cryogenic equipment manufacturing group CIMC Enric that its subsidiary, Zhangjiagang Sanctum Cryogenic Equipment Co. Ltd, has received orders for two projects in Shanxi province to deliver double-walled stainless steel storage tanks of 10,000m3 water capacity.

The tanks will be the first of their kind in both China and the world, granting a leadership role to CIMC Enric in this field.

As gasworld understands, the new tanks were born out of a combination of current trends. Due to the drastic drop in oil prices in 2015, the business of large LNG storage tanks suffered with severe difficulties that have never been encountered before; on the other hand, updated standards in China will impose more stringent safety requirements for these storage tanks. CIMC Enric therefore took the initiative to start the development of such tanks a year ago, to cater for the new standards.

A spokesman from Sanctum explained that, compared with traditional single-walled large LNG storage tanks which require bundings to be built to contain any leakage from the tanks, double-walled tanks can alleviate such requirements – the outer stainless steel shell will contain and control the leakage in case.

Further still, in view of the tight land supply at present, such a design (below) will have a positive impact on the plant layout. It is known that there is no such application in other countries, and Sanctum has already filed for five design patents.

Double-walled LNG storage tank

Source: CIMC Enric