CIMC Tank has launched a UK-based engineering and customer support centre with a market focus on intermodal tanks for the bulk transport of dangerous goods and food grade products.

The centre will be jointly managed by Alex McGonagle (Engineering) and Mike Himbury (R&D), supported by Alex Edwards, Phil Brookfield and Martyn Wood, all formerly with UBH International.

CIMC Tank has had close ties with UBH for 20 years and is pleased to be in a position to take this next step.

In addition, CIMC Tank said it has bought all UBH’s intellectual property together with the trade name.

The core UBH technical team will bring together key global industry knowhow and experience accumulated over the last 30 years, further enhancing CIMC Tank’s leading position in the global tank market in multiple areas, including capacity, quality, flexibility, technical expertise and customer service etc.

CIMC Tank’s General Manager Ji Guoxiang said he is very pleased to welcome the UBH technical team on board and believes that the CIMC Tank business platform will provide the team better support and opportunities for them grow and realise themselves.

He continued, “Likewise, the team will also reinforce CIMC Tank’s leading position, and more importantly synergy will be generated to better serve the customers with more professional and timely services.”

UBH Team

Source: CIMC Tank