Two 40ft liquefied natural gas (LNG) containers, manufactured by Chinese enterprise CIMC Enric, have completed their one-year trial testing in Oahu, Hawaii.

The one-year milestone represents the safe operation of these new generation tank containers, which are manufactured by CIMC TANK in Nantong, China, between Hawaii and the west coast of the US.

The project was originally set up in 2013 to bring these 40ft LNG tank containers to market, in order to boost the upgrading of global LNG logistics and step up to the growing LNG market, with Hawaii being chosen as a base on account of its demanding year-round humidity and temperature.

During this time, the North Pacific rim company accumulated operating data in order to upgrade its global LNG logistics, aiming to save on future investments on LNG carriers and both receiving and exporting terminals.

Patent testing

The CIMC project team carried out patent application testing on the framework, support and pipeline and successfully passed designing, prototype manufacturing and low-temperature performance testing before delivering the tanks to Hawaii for trial operations.

As a result, the weight of these tanks were reduced by 15% and are made entirely of stainless steel, with their fabrication meeting the China-EU quality requirements.

Tare weight and cryogenic performance have reached the top level in the industry


The tanks were sent to CIMC HOBUR’s factory in the Netherlands for pipe assembly and impact testing, before completing low-temperature performance at CIMC Enric ZIEMANN’s factory in Germany, with tank holding time increasing 10% to last 93 days.

A press release from the company stated, “Tare weight and cryogenic performance have reached the top level in the industry,” about the updated tanks.

In December 2014, these tanks completed the first LNG loading and transport of more than 4,500km, over both land and sea.