An important agreement has been signed between Claind, a 30-year old Italian manufacturer of gas generators, and Proton Energy Systems, a leading American company producing on-site hydrogen generation systems.

The new agreement will see the two companies collaborate to produce advanced analytical laboratory equipment.

The commercial and technological partnership joins Claind’s many years of experience in the generation of hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air products, with Proton Energy’s expertise in the development and manufacturing of on-site hydrogen generation systems that utilise PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology.

Through this technological interchange, Claind and Proton Energy will utilise the most advanced gas production technologies and offer the analytical laboratory market a highly reliable, safe and high performance solution for onsite hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators.

Claind’s Chairman of the Board, Renzo Cogotzi and Sales Director, Nicola Tunesi, made joint comment stating, “The alliance with Proton has a double relevance for Claind: the commercial relationship with Proton will provide access to the American market for our nitrogen and air generators, where we are confident to enter together as main players.”

They added, “This cooperative agreement also allows Claind to utilize the most advanced PEM hydrogen generation technology, improving reliability and performance, for distribution in worldwide markets we are currently active in.”

Robert Friedland, Proton Energy’s President and Chief Executive Officer said, “Proton Energy is excited about this co-development agreement with Claind, which will allow for an expansion of our product offering in the analytical laboratory market as well as an expansion of our hydrogen generator technology to markets not currently addressed.”

“We look forward to the partnership between Claind and Proton Energy Systems,” added John Speranza,
Proton Energy’s Vice President of Hydrogen Product Sales.

“By partnering together, we can enhance our global capabilities and reach in the laboratory marketplace by expanding the portfolio of solutions that both companies bring to potential customers.”

The alliance strengthens the two companies as leaders in the development and manufacturing of gas generation technology for analytical applications. Both companies have developed a very good reputation in their respective markets and together will expand their reach beyond traditional geographical boundaries.