The Italian Gas Generator manufacturer, CLAIND has appointed Jaytee Biosciences Ltd as the sole distributor and service agent for the firm’s ‘Brezza’ range of gas generators across the UK and Ireland. The product line focuses exclusively upon nitrogen, hydrogen and air generator products.

John Tiley, Managing Director of CLAIND commented on the symbiotic arrangement, “As an HPLC and GC specialist provider for over 35 years, Jaytee have the perfect skill set to service and support CLAIND customers throughout the British Isles. We look forward to applying our professionalism and quality service to a field that crosses over perfectly into our portfolio.”

Further to the agreement, CLAIND plans on establishing a network of sales and service centers globally by selecting the best partners around the world to distribute its products and guarantee a full after sales service to its customers.

CLAIND, founded in 1979 is a leading European to worldwide manufacturer of gas generators. All the company’s instruments are based on exclusive patents and significant research.