A search is continuing for a new location for Praxair after an explosion and fire in June.

Praxair says it hasn't made any decision on moving from it's American based Lafayette Square site and that it is looking at a wide variety of options, but says it is continuing to discuss future plans with the mayor's and governor's office.

Company spokeswoman, Susan Szita-Gore, said: \\$quot;The talks are still ongoing about where we might be locating. Quite a few people with alternate sites in the general vicinity have contacted us.\\$quot;

And she said the site is still being cleaned up with about 85 per cent completed. Around 45 per cent of the insurance claims from residents have been settled.

The gas bottle explosions caused the evacuation of a five-block area and the closing of Interstate 64 for several hours.

An investigation into the cause of the fire is nearly completed although no report has been issued yet.

The company transferred gases including oxygen, propane, chlorine and acetylene from large tanks to small tanks for sale at the site.

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