Climeworks is one step close to its vision of inspiring one billion people to remove CO2 from the air by becoming part of the Science Museum’s exhibition Our Future Planet in London.

The Swiss direct air capture company today (15th April) said that one of its first CO2 collectors can be found at the exhibition, allowing vistors to closely observe its innovation.

Climeworks’ technology displayed in the museum is already operating in 14 facilities across Europe, with Orca (currently under construction) being its 15th and largest one.

By being part of Our Future Planet, Climeworks wants to demonstrate that anyone can play a role in scaling solutions like direct air capture.

In a statement, the company said, “We strive to make our solution accessible to everyone by allowing people to join our mission and remove CO2 with our technology, which is showcased in the museum.”

“We are therefore grateful for the opportunity to be part of Our Future Planet, as this creates more awareness around technological solutions to climate change.”