Popular British band Coldplay will work with carbon capture specialist Climeworks to ensure an ‘at minimum’ net-zero carbon footprint world tour, with the company’s direct air capture (DAC) and storage selected as the main emission removal method.

The band intends to reduce all tour-related emissions by 50% during its Music of the Spheres World Tour, with the remaining percentage to be removed via methods such as reforestation – the band will plant a tree for every ticket sold, soil restoration, rewilding, blue carbon projects, sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), and DAC.

Coldplay’s use of SAF comes after widespread criticism of the band’s continued use of private jets while touring.

Stating that carbon removal at scale is a ‘must’ on the current emissions pathway, Christoph Gebald, Co-CEO, Co-Founder, Climeworks, went on to say, “We are very inspired to see public figures like Coldplay seizing the magnitude of the challenge and acting boldly by working towards ambitious emissions reduction and removing the unavoidable part.”

In addition to watching the opening of Climeworks’ Orca, the world’s largest DAC and storage plant, the band has spent the past two years consulting with environmental experts to make the tour as sustainable as possible.

A statement released by Coldplay revealed that the carbon conscious nature of the tour was born from the band’s concerns over the planet’s impending ‘climate crisis’.

“We won’t get everything right, but we’re committed to doing everything we can and sharing what we learn. It’s a work in progress and we’re really grateful for the help we’ve had so far,” the statement concluded.