The UK’s largest supplier of alternative low carbon HGV fuel provider, CNG Fuels has announced that it will prepare customer fleets for a ‘multi-fuel future’ by trialling its hydrogen fuel for HGVs across its UK network of biomethane refuelling stations.

The trials, to begin in mid-2022 are an initiative spurred on through the company’s new HyFuel branch, created to identify hydrogen production pathways and infrastructure solutions for HGVs.

These solutions are being explored due to the relatively high number of emissions produced by HGVs in the UK. Despite making up just 5% of total road miles on UK roads, HGVs account for 16% of all emissions.

An aerial shot of CNG Fuels' fuelling stations.

An aerial shot of CNG Fuels’ fuelling stations.

To combat this, CNG Fuels already supports major fleets with 100% renewable biomethane sourced from food waste and manure. The fuel is capable of cutting emissions by more than 85% and lifetime costs by 30-40% compared to diesel.

Commenting on biomethane and the eventual use of multi-fuel capabilities, Philip Fjeld, CEO, CNG Fuels, said, “Renewable biomethane is and will continue to be the most effective decarbonisation solution for heavy transport for many years.”

“However, we have launched HyFuels to ensure we are ready to support our customers’ journey to a multi-fuel future as new technologies become commercially viable and the fuel readily available.”

The rapid expansion of renewable fuels for HGVs has seen several major brands adopt its biomethane fuel including the John Lewis Partnership, Waitrose, Hermes, Warburtons, and Royal Mail. CNG Fuels anticipates 10% of the UK’s high-mileage HGV fleet running on bio-compressed natural gas (CNG) by 2025.

As part of its recently released ‘Net Zero Strategy’, the Government is also set to accelerate the adoption of zero emission fuels, with the strategy including a policy to expand trials for zero emissions HGV technologies.

Stating that 30% of its future land will be ‘perfectly placed’ to deploy multi-fuel trials on some of the busiest haulage routes in the UK, Baden Gowrie-Smith, CFO, CNG Fuels, added, “With increasingly aspirational decarbonisation targets set by government, our role is to support fleets in their journey to net zero making it as simple and affordable as possible.”

Results from the trials will be used to help establish a hydrogen refuelling network, including a roadmap to help companies transition fleets from diesel to net zero fuel.

The company plans to add at least 12 bio-CNG refuelling stations per year to its current itinerary of seven, with plans to have 60 stations in operation by 2026.