With today’s launch of the tenth CO (carbon monoxide) Awareness Week, UK manufacturer Bedfont Scientific is drawing attention to this ‘silent killer’ with its faster solution to CO testing, the ToxCO®.

 CO is widely known as the silent killer, a colourless, odourless, and potentially highly poisonous gas that is produced when fuels are burned incompletely.

Everybody is exposed to CO in everyday life; from boilers, open fires, cars, generators and even burning your toast; however, prolonged exposure can lead to severe health consequences, and if exposed for too long, death.

Bedfont Scientific’s ToxCO monitor can instantly diagnose CO poisoning by analysing a breath sample from the patient to determine the level of CO in their blood.

The ToxCO monitor is a non-invasive tool, which provides instant results unlike more traditional methods of testing for CO poisoning, like blood testing, saving valuable time when diagnosing a patient. The ToxCO also comes with a face mask option for unconscious patients, and an ambient air mode designed for emergency services and first responders.

Bedfont Scientific’s General Manager, Jason Smith, added, “With CO Awareness week approaching, we want to help heighten the profile of the dangers surrounding carbon monoxide and how to prevent the harmful and potentially fatal effects of CO poisoning with a simple breath test using the ToxCO.”