As decarbonisation initiatives take hold the world over, key players in the waste-to-energy (WtE) industry are beginning to investigate carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) initiatives to lower the harmful emissions produced from plants.

Carbon capture specialist CO2 Capsol is joining forces through a three year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Swiss Japanese greentech company Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) to explore the potential of combining CO2 Capsol’s CCUS technology with HZI’s WtE plant delivery expertise. 

Commenting on the project, Jan Kielland, CEO, CO2 Capsol, said that Capsol End of Pipe (EoP) carbon capture technology is ‘ideally suited’ to capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from post-combustion. 

“In HZI, we have found a partner with whom we collaborate to implement a safe and cost-effective carbon capture solution in WtE plants,” he added. 

The EoP technology utilises a hot potassium carbonate (HPC) solvent to capture CO2. The process, known as carbon scrubbing, uses potassium carbonate mixed with a gas mixture to absorb CO2 through chemical processes. 

“This technology allows us to offer our customers a robust and efficient technology particularly suited to WtE plants,” said Fabio Dinale, Vice President Business Development, HZI.