A new plant built by Pain Enterprises in the US is using carbon dioxide (CO2) produced from Global Ethanol’s renewable energy facility, to produce soft drink fizz and to freeze & preserve meats and medical products.

The plant represents Pain Enterprises’ fifth and largest production facility for CO2 gas and dry ice, according to a report in local US paper The Daily Telegram.

According to company President Jack Pain, the plant is capable of producing 300 tonnes of liquid CO2 or 200 tonnes of dry ice per day. The company had apparently been planning to build a new CO2 plant in Indiana at the time Global Ethanol was constructing a facility in Riga, Michigan, however rising electricity costs in Indiana (coupled with other factors) caused the move into Michigan.

“Global is a great outfit. It’s been a very good marriage up there,” Pain told the Daily Telegram.

Dry ice production began in Riga approximately a week ago, while the plant's green credentials are emphasised by Pain as he added that, the ability to capture and use CO2 created in the production of a renewable fuel is ensuring a 'completely green' operation.

Up to 75% of production from the Riga facility is expected to be absorbed by customers in Michigan and Ohio, with the rest set to be shipped to the East Coast - where there is currently thought to be a limited supply of CO2 gas and dry ice.