CO2 GRO is continuing to see increased demands for its CO2 Delivery Solutions™, having confirmed yet another technology trial with a Canadian-based cucumber greenhouse.

Unveiling news on the trial on Thursday (26th May), CO2 GRO said it hopes to increase fruit yield, reduce the spread of pathogens such as powdery mildew, reduce CO2 usage and reduce the overall cost of production with the deployment of its technology.

The Canadian’s firm hit the market with its CO2 Delivery Solutions™ in 2019, following in-depth scientific research which began in mid-2017.

Speaking to gasworld exclusively earlier this year, CO2 GRO explained how the technology works. “First, we completely dissolve CO2 gas into water, creating a solution that is saturated with CO2. The CO2 solution is then misted for a few seconds, two to three times an hour, onto the plant’s canopy,” Dil Vashi, Manager of Corporate Development at CO2GRO, said.

“The mist creates a thin microfilm on the plant surface, including the leaves. The CO2 molecules in the film diffuse into the leaf through the entire top of the leaf surface, bypassing the cuticle. The residual moisture then dries off in a few minutes.”

“More CO2 is delivered into the leaf, resulting in enhanced photosynthesis, plant growth and more production, while utilising 90% less CO2 gas compared to traditional atmospheric enrichment methods.”

Now set to benefit from the solution, the undisclosed customer hopes to see improved output from its greenhouse.

On the new trial, Aaron Archibald, Vice-President of Sales and Strategic Alliances at CO2 GRO, said, “Our plant mix in 2022 year-to-date trials has favoured traditional high volume vegetable growers in North America and the EU as well as high value flower growers in Colombia and Ecuador.

“We are now gaining traction with greenhouse vegetable and flower growers who typically operate much larger facilities than our Canadian cannabis customers. The greenhouse vegetable and flower market offers us the largest opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our technology and commercial revenue for the company.”

“The results of the trials should enable us to accelerate our commercial revenue growth.”

The full interview with CO2 GRO was published in gasworld US’ April edition and can be accessed here.