A second CO2 Delivery Solutions™ unit will soon be installed at Hidroexpo’s greenhouses in El Salvador, Central America, following a successfully completed trial.

CO2 GRO recently announced the deployment plans, marking the second order it has secured from the greenhouse grower.

With the CO2 GRO technology, Hidroexpo has witnessed over 30% more pepper production.

Rodrigo Martinez, General Manager of Hidroexpo, said, “We are very happy with the 20% and 30% yield improvements using CO2 Delivery Solutions™ over our past two growing seasons.”

“Purchasing the technology again for a second greenhouse was an easy decision. Over time, we hope to install the technology in more of our greenhouses.”

”We believe that CO2 Delivery Solutions™ can transform our business profitability and provide us a competitive edge in the Central America pepper production market.”

The Canadian firm hit the market with its CO2 Delivery Solutions™ in 2019, following in-depth scientific research which began in mid-2017. Since then, the firm has seen great demand for the ‘magic mist’ solution.

Aaron Archibald, Vice-President of Sales and Strategic Alliances at CO2 GRO, added, “This is our first repeat sale to a major international greenhouse vegetable grower. We look forward to helping Hidroexpo transform their business profitability and market position.”

“Hidroexpo’s two-year yield improvement data further validates our technology’s benefits to other greenhouses globally that are currently conducting trials or are interested in trials.”