ABI, the soft drinks division of the South African breweries Ltd, has been worried over the festive season due to the shortage of CO2 being delivered.

The reason for this shortage can be linked to two of Afrox's major suppliers who were undergoing routine maintenance shutdowns at the same time. The suppliers are responsible for the production of 205 tons of the expected 275 tons per day.

Over the holiday season the demand of soft drinks was expected to rise and pose a real challenge for demand.

ABI has recently confirmed that three of the four major suppliers of food grade CO2 were back in production and supplying to Afrox, ABI's main supplier.

The fourth supplier and normalisation is expected shortly. In the meantime ABI is using the limited resources to ensure that it meets between 80-90 percent of total demand for its most popular brand, Coca Cola.

Micheal Farr, communications manager of ABI said: $quot;Regrettably, stcok shortages are inevitable across our brand portfolio while some flavours in the lower volume brands may not be available at all in the short term.$quot;