CO2 Solutions Inc. and Seneca Engineering Inc. have announced that they have entered into an independent collaboration agreement to jointly deploy market opportunities for carbon capture, storage and usage (CCSU) in an industrial setting.

Under the terms of the agreement, CO2 Solutions and Seneca will collaborate on bringing to market and building carbon capture solutions, combining Co2 Solutions’ low-cost, nontoxic enzyme-enabled technology with Seneca’s process engineering expertise.

Through Seneca’s collaboration, CO2 Solutions will gain more ready access to a number of potential customers in industries such as food processing, biogas processing and carbonation processes in the mineral extraction sector.

Evan Price, President and CEO of CO2 Solutions, stated, “We believe this collaboration with Seneca will accelerate development of our business pipeline, as well as facilitate project realisation.”

Benoit Couture, Eng., President and CEO of Seneca, said, “We are looking forward to teaming up with CO2 Solutions in implementing their carbon capture technology with our industrial clients.”

Couture added, “We are witnessing growing demand for the deployment of low-cost and sustainable solutions to integrate carbon capture systems on industrial sites, both for sequestration and for reuse purposes, and we are well positioned to offer this technology to our customer base.”