COSolutions Inc. has started the commissioning of its COcapture unit at the Resolute Pulp Mill in Saint-Félicien, Quebec.

The project involves the deployment of a 30-tonne per day COcapture unit and ancillary equipment and the commercial reuse of the captured COby the adjacent Toundra Greenhouse complex.

COSolutions expects to increase the overall capture rate to validate the unit’s nominal capacity of 30 tonnes of COper day. 

The construction of the Saint-Félicien COcapture unit was partly financed with investments from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and the Technoclimat programme of the Quebec government as well as a loan from Canada Economic Development (CED).

“With the start-up of the Saint-Félicien capture unit, COSolutions has achieved an exciting milestone, not only for the corporation but also for the carbon capture industry,” said Richard Surprenant, COSolutions’ CEO.

“This unit, a 3x scale-up from our currently operating 10-tdp unit in Montreal-East, confirms the position of our proprietary enzymatic technology as the world’s most advanced second-generation carbon capture technology. We have demonstrated once again the dependability and simplicity of our enzymatic technology,” said Surprenant.

Once the Saint-Félicien capture unit reaches its nominal capacity of 30 tonnes of CO2 a six-month demonstration period will begin, after which the commercial phrase will begin, and the corporation will generate revenues from the sale of COto Toundra Greenhouse.

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