Progress continues on CO2 Solutions Inc. (CSI) first CO2 utilisation unit being built in Shawinigan (QC) for its CCU project known as Valorisation Carbone Québec (VCQ).

The objective of the VCQ Project is to develop and demonstrate commercially viable end-to-end solutions to capture and utilise CO2 in various applications while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The CO2 utilisation unit will be used to convert the CO2 produced by CSI’s existing capture unit into methanol and then dimethyl ether (DME). DME is a high-value fuel that can be used as a substitute for propane. 

This CO2 utilisation unit will be in operation at the VCQ Parachem site in Montreal-East (QC) in the summer of 2019.

CSI is a Canadian-based technology provider for the capture and purification of CO2 from industrial flue gases. The company offers revolutionary technology that meets the challenge of using CO2 as a raw material in many industries essential to the production of modern goods, as well as the challenge posed by CO2 as a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.