CO2Meter, a Florida-based manufacturer of gas detection and monitoring devices, has partnered with GrowFlux to develop a new and improved “wireless and cloud connected” CO2 sensor for indoor agricultural environments.

The new GrowFlux Wireless and Cloud Connected CO2 Sensor will allow growers to access data via the “GrowFlux app”, enabling them to monitor their crops anytime and anywhere, while optimising CO2 enrichment which can boost yields by 30%+. 


Source: CO2Meter

“Our business development team had the opportunity to meet with and discuss a collaboration with the GrowFlux team at the 2018 MJBIZ Conference in Las Vegas,” said Travis Lenader, CEO at CO2Meter.

“We were quickly able to identify the opportunity for a collaboration, work on design and device specifications, and create a business partnership that allows the two organisations to offer a superior product in the marketplace.”

“We were drawn to partner with GrowFlux because of their mission on advancing energy efficiency while building advanced cultivation technologies for the future.”

GrowFlux Wireless Cloud Connected CO2 Sensor CO2Meter Shopify Rev-cropped

Source: CO2Meter

The new partnership creates a unique opportunity in the indoor agriculture space to promote the long term economic and environmental viability of controlled environments for growers.

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