CO2Meter has partnered with Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd. to showcase the SprintIR® CO2 sensor.

The sensor can be integrated into a variety of applications, and features an overall fast response rate, power consumption, and durability.

Two different variations of the SprintIR® CO2 sensor available, the SprintIR® and the SprintIR®-65, depending on the end users’ needs and applications.

The SprintIR®-W is a high-speed CO2 sensor which measures up to 100% COconcentration, uses NDIR technology and has low power requirements.

The SprintIR®-6S is a high-speed COsensor which measures up to 100% CO2 concentration, can take up to 20 readings per second (six times faster than the SprintIR®-W) and includes an optional flow through adapter.


Source: CO2Meter

SprintIR® CO2 sensors are suitable for battery powered systems, including portable, wearable, and self-powered. The sensors can be used within a variety of industries such as brewing and beverage, modified atmospheric packaging, medical and agriculture.

The past year saw CO2Meter announce the launch of a CO2 leaker detector (SAN-13) which currently houses the SprintIR®-6S, due to its high accuracy and fast response in measurement detection.


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