Cold Jet, the world leader in dry ice blast cleaning and production technology, has introduced its new high-tech machining and manufacturing facility in Milford, Ohio – allowing the company to continue to innovate.

Between the new facility and Cold Jet's Loveland, Ohio headquarters, the company now has more than 35,000 square feet of manufacturing and assembly space.

The new facility boasts several cutting-edge processes, including Electrical Discharge Machining, a machining method that makes it possible to effectively cut detailed contours and cavities in hardened steel and exotic metals, while allowing tolerances to be held at +/- 0.0001$quot; for precision product manufacturing.

The 14,600 square foot facility, additional staff and $2.5m of investment in state-of-the-art equipment allows Cold Jet to continue to innovate and provide the highest quality precision production processes for its patented nozzles, dry ice blasters and dry ice production equipment.

$quot;With our new facility, we have tighter control over our manufacturing processes, which will allow us to reduce the time it takes to develop and deliver products to our customers,$quot; explained Gene Cooke, President and CEO of Cold Jet.

$quot;Our new machining and manufacturing capabilities distinguish Cold Jet as the trusted and proven technology leader, and furthers our mission of leading the industry in innovation and quality. The facility complements our assembly operations, R&D lab and testing cell, and allows us to offer the most advanced development-to-delivery group of integrated facilities in the market.”

Cold Jet currently has the broadest and largest installed customer base, providing solutions to thousands of customers worldwide in the automotive, plastics and rubber, packaging, medical device, printing, food processing, and contract cleaning industries.